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A revolutionary professional tax software that uses new technology to stay connected with your office and your clients.

It’s easy, fast and paperless!

Basic Plan


per year

  • 24/7 Support

  • Unlimited E-Files

  • Federal 1040 + All State forms

  • Paperless Capabilities

Premium Plan


per year

  • 24/7 Support

  • Unlimited E-Files

  • Federal 1040 + All State forms

  • Paperless Capabilities

  • Partnership & Corporate Forms

Software Features:

Multiple Devices

ERO Mobile App

Manage your tax business from anywhere with your mobile device. With real-time office and EFIN reporting as well as the ability to communicate directly with your individual taxpayers you can truly be a business owner on the move.

Mobile Apps

You have free access to both a Taxpayer mobile app for your clients as well as an ERO app for managing your tax offices. These apps work directly with one another to provide you and your taxpayers an unparalleled customer experience.

Available for both iOS and Android platforms.


Secure Offsite Storage (S.O.S.) enables you to automatically backup tax returns and associated taxpayer documents to the Xpress Income Tax Central Site storage servers. Because your data is located in a fully redundant, carrier-grade offsite data center that utilizes state-of-the-art security and data backup technologies, the quality and integrity of the stored data is unsurpassed.

Remote Signature Capture

Xpress Income Tax Professional Tax Software customers now have the ability to request a remote signature from a non-present taxpayer and/or spouse at the time of tax return completion. After authenticating their identity, the taxpayer/spouse can review a PDF of the tax return and sign it using their mobile device.

TextLink Option

Using TextLink or TextLink Plus, high-volume tax preparation offices are able to send a text message to taxpayer cell phones directly from the program and now with TextLink Plus, customers can receive message replies within the software without any limitations on message quantity or frequency.

Signature Pads

Electronic signature pads provide a quick return on investment through significant time savings, copying of documents, and filing for future access on each tax return. Additionally, electronic signature pads allow you to save money by reducing paper usage & storage and minimizing tax return errors, helping you to meet government disclosure requirements and move towards a paperless office.

Scan & Store

Improve efficiency and accuracy while saving time preparing each tax return. With built-in support for certified handheld scanners, you are able to capture the taxpayer’s source documents and information and associate them with the appropriate tax return in Xpress Income Tax professional tax software. Scan & Store eliminates the need to photocopy and physically store taxpayer documents as you move towards a paperless office.

Management Dashboard

The Xpress Income Tax Management Dashboard allows Xpress Income Tax professional tax software customers complete control over, and visibility into, each sub-site within their multi-office tax preparation organization. With the Xpress Income Tax Management Dashboard, the ability to setup sub-sites, review tax returns, and obtain valuable tax business management reports is right at your fingertips.

Training Webinars

Access instructional product videos and online training for the Xpress Income Tax Suite of Products.